Eva Zar Talks BOUND With Katie Rex (NSFW)

LomoAmigo Eva Zar photographed "BOUND" and couldn't wait to show us the photos. Eva then sat down with Katie Rex, who throws this one-of-a-kind party in Brooklyn, New York, to get a further look into the unique, inclusive nightlife culture she's created.

Hey Katie Rex, could you give us a quick brief on what your insane party Bound is about? When did you start with it?

BOUND is a 3rd Thursday monthly that began in December 2016. BOUND is an event that primarily exists for the expression of hedonism and desire for femme bodies.

A lot of the people at your party seemed very happy and enjoyed the vibe in there. How do you create that safe space?

There’s a heavy-handed door policy meant to keep the room full of welcomed people and maintain a genuinely safe environment for those who attend. Intersectionality in our events plays a key role in the atmosphere, as most are genuinely welcome. If you would be denied from a club in Meatpacking District for being yourself, you’re most likely not going to have trouble at our door.

What is your opinion on the nightlife world as it is right now? Is there anything you appreciate or anything you want to change?

Nightlife in Brooklyn is a radical movement. It’s full of artists and admirers working to create inclusive spaces for everyone to enjoy moments of Utopia. My hope is that this model can influence other communities in smaller cities and eventually into grander spaces. Nightlife is so different in places across the globe, so taking cues from places with models that work and where the arts are celebrated instead of punished, would lead to a greater good and better environments.

A little bit about yourself. When you’re not throwing BOUND, what do you do? What’s your favorite fruit?

Outside of working on music & events, I spend a lot of time searching for cheap airfare, enjoying company for dinner and exploring new places. My favorite fruit is bananas because tbh I’m allergic to a lot of fruit.

What do you think people think of you when they meet you for the very first time?

I’ve heard a lot of people think I’m stoned all of the time, but I’m actually indefinitely sober aside from a drink here and there.

And last but not least I kind of have to ask: Do you think women are equal or have equal access to the nightlife world?

In my community, fortunately, yes, a lot of work has been done to educate people and create inclusive environments…. but in the rest of the world, no. It seems that if someone has to ask a question about equality with a group that’s marginalized the answer is “no.”

You can keep up with Eva's many projects on her website and Instagram.
Don't miss BOUND with Katie Rex if you're in Brooklyn, stay up to date by following her on Instagram or Facebook.

written by katphip on 2017-05-02 #culture #people

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