Back to the Roots with LomoAmigo Philipp Gladsome

In a digital age with a constant overflow of information, the Lomo'Instant Automat seems to be just what we seem to need right now. Here, we go back to the roots with LomoAmigo Philipp Gladsome!

The instant camera was invented in 1948 but today it seems to be the perfect way of instant, physical gratification in photography. How is it possible that an analogue medium is just what we seem to need right now?

Everything gets's more digital. Everyone has a smartphone, takes pictures and documents their everyday life. That's why it's important to stand out and deal with the origin. Especially for people that are new to photography, it's a great way to learn how photography works. Lomography offers good possibilities to achieve great results with simple methods that have their own unique look.

When you started taking photographs, did you use a digital or an analog camera? What do you think makes the difference between digital and analog picture taking?

Seven years ago, I actually started with photography when I was 20. Although, I always had an analogue camera with me since I was 9 years old. I used it for school trips or any birthday parties. When I startet to get more interested in photography, I got myself a Praktica MTL 5. My father had the same camera. With it I went off and annoyed everyone around me for a year, taking pictures of everything. After that, I switched to digital photography because I got my first orders. But I still think that it's an important experience in first place, so you get a certain understanding of what you actually do with a camera and also regarding the choice of subject and light. You pay more attention to these things.

Instant photography doesn’t end with taking snapshots, the medium allows creative possibilities. Do you experiment with it? If so, could you tell us more about it? How do you see the future of instant photography?

Instant cameras have always fascinated me and that has not changed so far. I also noticed that more and more of my friends are getting such a camera. Even those that have no affinity to photography. I think that's a good sign. And thanks to some newer models, it's also possible to experiment with long-term and multi-exposure. It's fun to play with creative features like that and it's also a new medium for photographers. So, I think that it's not just a short hype but can stay for a long time.

Tell us more about the shootings you did with the Lomo’Instant Automat, what were your initial ideas, how did you realize them and what challenges did you face?

I took the camera with me when I went to Barcelona and couldn't wait to try the Multiple Exposure feature and the Close Up Lens. It was very interesting to me. The multiple exposures have worked out great. It took me a while until I knew how to handle the Close Up Lens. But after a while of trial and error, it worked out too. It did not bother me that a couple of shots didn't come out like they were supposed to, because that's what analog photography is about for me.

Do you plan any future projects with instant photography?

I would love to take the camera with me while I'm traveling, and maybe do a complete output for an artist. And I would also enjoy discovering some instant photos under my hashtag #analogmontag.

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written by helmadee on 2017-08-15 #gear #people #instant-photography #lomo-instant-automat

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