Tasty Tungsten Stills with KONO! KOLORIT 125T CN


Immerse yourself into the world as if a you're in a film. Every corner of the world becomes part of your moving image as it becomes painted in a wide range of blues and tungsten hues.

The KONO! KOLORIT 125T CN is a motion picture film stock, meant to recreate the classic aesthetic of vintage films through still photography, even in night or bright daylight.

Give it a test-run, analogue photography just gets more cinematic.

True lapis skies

Credits: monofon

Teeming in teal greenscapes

Credits: -lena-

Low light blue hue

Credits: pinksakula

Warm cobalt nights

Credits: vikkki

2017-04-23 #gear #tungsten #kono-film #kono-kolorit-125-t-cn #color-photorgaphy

One Comment

  1. theblues
    theblues ·

    It's often out of stock! too bad, because it seems soooo great!

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