Scenes from a Golden Ochre World

Drenched in a sunny, monochromatic palette, these Lomographs give the illusion of a coveted utopia. Like the mythical city made out of gold in Southern America, you can make reality a bit like El Dorado even just in keepsakes. Whether you bask in the sun or indoors, trying to paint your Lomographs in precious, warm yellows and golden hues will train your eye for a spectral or gradient coloring.

Soleil paradise

Credits: adi_totp, crismiranda, bnjmn, emperornorton, nfprado & ooi001

The million-dollar foliage

Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh, ananeva, fm_skins & troch

Always under a golden afternoon

Credits: bonnaburn, kelvin_wx, macstef, bongo_biene, kage & riki_87

There's the sunshine on your face

Credits: lilithmoon, alexandra_krolikowski, wanderhearts, rancliffhasenza & lifeinsnapshots

2017-04-22 #tutorials #gold #redscale #yellow #color-photography

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