The Stylish Chantal Goya in Jean Luc-Godard's Film Reel

One of the most poignant moments of recent cinema history is the French New Wave. Its founding father, Jean Luc-Godard, focused on capturing the zest and life of 1960's Paris and France.

His film "Masculin Féminin", released in 1966, became the representative of French and Parisian lifestyle and culture in the 1960's. As such, the young actress Chantal Goya (who played the leading girl and aspiring pop star Madeleine) and her fashion became iconized.

Masculin Féminin, 1966

The film follows a 21-year-old Paul and his romance with Madeleine. Paul, who has a liking for political activism and cultural snobbery, becomes undermined by his fascination to the beautiful, indifferent and self-absorbed Madeleine. The film further portrays its distinct sexual-political climate, a period where the Vietnam War and sexual liberation was at its height.

Madeleine, portrayed by Chantal Goya, embodies the wild child of the 60's. she would wear tight, cream polo, black skirts, patent loafers, wearing her hair dark, short and with fringes, while boasting a coquettish attitude, and is further enhanced with the absence of make-up. Madeleine's outfits are often in-between being a girl and a woman.

Masculin Féminin, 1966

Many of her looks are easily adapted to this day, becoming a classic French fashion icon of the 1960's which would continue to be reinterpreted to this day.

Masculin Féminin, 1966

Film stills were sourced from Another Mag.

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