Secret Life Of A Photographer: Misha Assis


Have you ever asked yourself how daily life passes for a photographer? This time, we want to glance behind Misha Assis’ lens — a long-time community member of Lomography, famous for his stunning Petzval portraits, a photographer and talented artist.

Here's a day in a life of Misha.

© Misha Assis

Time is like an interminable cycle of change. I look at the watch and see a different world; it’s time to start over again.

© Misha Assis

It’s time to organize ideas, finish what I have started and begin a new journey.

© Misha Assis

I try to register everything around me, it’s almost like a daily routine… the photographs are my diary, my personal record printed on dreams and feelings.

© Misha Assis

My son wakes up. He is a part of me, he is like a whole. He is my new time.

© Misha Assis

This is me, surrounded by images all the time. The world is like a mirror, my camera is the extension of my look … the reflection is like cosmic dust that faded into space a long time ago … I exist and don’t exist.

If you want to know more about Misha Assis and his work, say hi to him on his LomoHome, give him a like on his Facebook and follow him on Instagram!

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written by michellymatias on 2017-04-18 #people #secretlifeofaphotographer


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