Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera's Photo-Reveries

It's time to make memories under April showers. Budding May roses, subtle sunlight, the great outdoors, friends, loved ones -- definitely the perfect season to capture the fleeting moments.

Achieve the memorabilia-esque style of your photographic keepsakes with the Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera, which amplifies everything you love and adore about the cult-fave Holga. Those coveted vignettes and smartly cornered blurs will surely make your photographs insta-vintage.

Hazy days

Credits: dakadev_pui, kylewis, maria_vlachou & djramsay

Travel throwbacks in monochrome

Credits: mephisto19, rater & jeabzz

In your rose-colored glasses

Credits: dakadev_pui

Was it real or was it just an illusion?

Credits: shanti929, baijiu89, spidermanjulien, pearlgirl77 & brommi

2017-04-16 #gear #pinhole #pinhole-photography #holga #holga-120-wide-pinhole-camera #alternative-photography

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