Uniquely You: LomoAmigo Andie Fitzgerald

Photography is all around Andie Fitzgerald; she works as a freelance model and photographer. She was looking for the best instant camera around and found exactly that in the Lomo'Instant Wide. Here she shares her experiences in analog along with tips for building a personal brand.

Hey Andie, welcome to the wonderful world of Lomography. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Andie Fitzgerald. I am a freelance model and photographer based in Northern California. I grew up with an instinctual passion for taking photos with the simple goal of capturing the moment or the memory. Having the opportunity to meet people who share that same love, brought me the opportunity to be in front of the camera instead of solely behind and shouldn't we all have our photo taken.

How did you learn about Lomography?

I learned about Lomography in the pursuit of a Fujifilm Instant Wide camera, only to come across the variety Lomography has within the instant cameras. I fell in love with the unique camera styles immediately.

What is your relationship to film? How do you use instant photos vs. digital in your everyday life?

My relationship with film is blossoming. It's something very much new and experimental to me as digital was most convenient. Instant photos bring optimism to the table- needing to approach this single, developing in your hands, photo with bright eyes. It creates an appreciation for a moment and the capture exactly as it is and sending the necessity for perfection right out the door.

What was your experience shooting with the Lomo'Instant Wide?

My experience shooting with the Lomo'Instant Wide screams opportunity. The variety of options and the realms of creativity that the Lomo cameras offer allow you to play. I love the options!

How do the arts of photography and modeling compliment and enhance each other? Can you break down how you're working with both?

The arts of photography and modeling compliment each other in the way that inevitably, one can often not live without each other as their each a component of the others work. Being able to work both in front and behind the camera offers me an exciting perspective of how the other may feel or what they are personally hoping to achieve.

I work as a content creator for a start-up in San Francisco as well as freelancing for a few different clients. Modeling, on the other hand, holds a great deal of what makes my personal brand and offers the exciting opportunity for fashion and travel.

How do you use photography to express yourself online? Why is this important to you?

Photography is a huge component of expressing yourself online. We do live in an era where creativity does thrive, although I truly believe that the beauty of photography is that despite the same view or a similar subject- all photos stand alone. Incorporating photography as a key component of building your own personal brand allows you to more effectively establish your unique self.

Why might an 'analog and offline way of being' also be important? Can you tell us a bit about how shooting film has impacted your day to day? Has it?

An analog or offline way of being is important in the way that it has the power to bring you back to the origin of your passion and why you picked up a camera in the first place. We can never forget to tell our story.

What tips do you have for those who are looking to grow their personal brand?

For those looking to grow their personal brand, I highly recommend taking the time to invest in yourself and discovering what it is that drives you. Of course, seek out ways to do what you love and simply share that joy with others.

Who/what are your inspirations?

My inspirations are sourced often from fellow creators such as Northern California Photographer, Frankie Hildebrand (@frankiehildebrand) who emanates such a personal drive that I'm reminded to never give up the pursuit of a passion. Additionally, beautiful and personable girl bosses such as Danielle Nagel, creator of @dazey_la, an apparel brand, who aren't afraid to share their love for the creativity and the tricks of the trade that got them there!

You can keep up with Andie's adventures on Instagram.

written by katphip on 2017-04-22 #gear #culture #people

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