Adam Jeppesen's Journey From the North Pole to South Pole

When Danish photographer Adam Jeppesen embarked on an almost 500-day region across the Polar regions, he took the most unlikely documentary landscapes as he subconsciously paints them with flaws, blurs, scratches, dust and abstraction.

From the North Pole to South Pole, he voyaged.

© Adam Jeppesen
© Adam Jeppesen

The beginning was anything but easy for Jeppesen. It took him a year of planning and fundraising; finding a way to reach the North Pole being the most challenging. he managed to get a documenting job for a scientific expedition to the North Pole aboard an icebreaker. It was the very beginning of his trip -- 487 days 'til he reached the Antarctic continent. In this journey, Jeppesen almost used all modes of transportation - from bicycle, car to train.

Jeppesen used a 1947 large format field camera for this work, imprinting the spirit of the landscapes with no-clean negatives before developing them.

© Adam Jeppesen

As such, he wishes for his images to be more than just works of art; rather, to be works that bring awareness and concern to the global environmental crisis (global warming) of the shrinking Polar regions.

Watch out for our exclusive story with Adam soon. In the meantime, visit his website for more of his works. Images are with permission from Adam Jeppesen.

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