"The Blue Bird (1908)": Portraits from the Russian Theater by Karl Fischer


"The Blue Bird" was a play written by Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck, and it premiered at the Moscow Art Theater, whicch was then considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions of the dramatic arts. The play had many adaptations since even went to the big screen in 1940 by Walter Lang.

The photographs were taken by a famous portrait photographer, named Karl Fischer. Fischer was known for his portraits on Russian Imperial Theater actors.

Image/s by Karl Fischer

The play is about two children whom are both dissatisfied with their lives. A fairy comes to them as she senses their discontent, and sends them off to search for the Blue Bird of Happiness. They travel through various fantasy worlds in search for the bird.

Image/s by Karl Fischer

It is said that the search for bird signifies the search for spirituality, and sort of follows the same plot as The Wizard of Oz. The ending affirms Maeterlinck's view that true happiness lies with the simple things, particularly the warmth of family love.

Image/s by Karl Fischer

Images are from the public domain, retrieved at Wikimedia Commons.

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