Henrik Spohler: Industrial Landscapes Where Tech and Nature Meet


In the Christian version of the Creation story, the third day was the day all of life came to be. In this modern, technology-driven world, photographer Henrik Spohler seek out the beauty of industrial and agricultural landscapes.

Grapefruit cultivation in Borrego Valley, USA; Grapefruit cultivation in Borrego Valley, USA

In the series and book "The Third Day", the German photographer outlines the relationship of the ever-advanced humanity with the flora; the role of humans as 'creator' is questioned.

Plants, where people get their produce and food, are now combined with technology -- from genetic technology, greenhouses -- both man and flora adjust to this unique feat of civilization.

Cereal crops at a biomass determination site, German research institute; Cactus culture in Borrego Springs, USA; Tomato trusses in Middenmeer, the Netherlands

Man continues to need nature; even so he alters, adapts with his surroundings. He irrigates deserts, make fruits and vegetables grow behind fences and in plastic. He is encouraged to subdue the earth. Spohler's landscapes are taken in California, Spain, Netherlands and Germany.

Tomato plantation in Middenmeer, the Netherlands; Strawberry cultivation under plastic near Los Angeles, USA; Cultivation and measurement of corn plants, German research institute

Images are from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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