Around the World in Analogue: Copenhagen, Denmark


"Around the World in Analogue" is your bite-sized guide to the most amazing travel destinations across the globe, as documented by the members of the Lomography community. Today, Thomas Vergeylen (@tomatographie) details what makes Copenhagen, Denmark a haven for bikers.

Name: Thomas Vergeylen
LomoHome: @tomatographie
Social Media: Instagram, Facebook
Camera: Pentax 67
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

I was really intrigued by Copenhagen for the buildings, which look unique and pretty at the same time. The building with the "round" shape is actually a dormitory for students. The idea was to create an inner courtyard where student can have fun, make new friends, and study during summer. It's really like a cocoon. It makes you feel home. You forget that you are in a town with the big tree in the middle of the building---it's just peaceful!

Second interest of my travel was the bike lane. You have to see that with your own eyes to believe it! The space for bikers is bigger than the for vehicles. Isn't that amazing? You don't get stuck in traffic jam in your car but on your bikes. But don't worry, it only happengs during the "rush hour" during the opening and closing of offices. During the other times of the day, it's a pleasure to ride your bike around the town. Everything is made with bikers in mind!

My friends and I stayed there for there days. We decided to sleep near the neighborhood Nørrebro which is known for their many workshops and design shops, bohemian cafes and bars that remain open late until late evening. This is one of the liveliest areas of Copenhagen. I recommend that neighborhood for every person with an "artist soul".

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