Lost in Purple Psychedelia with Lomography Simple Use Film Camera

The world is your oyster! Paint your own wonderland in luminous shades of purple with the user-friendly, compact Lomography Simple Use Film Camera, pre-loaded with the beloved, cult-favorite LomoChrome Purple ISO 100 - 400: Psychedelic Color-Shifting Film.

Analogue photography becomes effortless with the Simple Use Film Camera. The pre-loaded Purple film makes it all the more easier for artists and surrealists alike to unleash their fantasy-driven ideas; whether you're going for bright fuschias, strong magentas, pastel orchids or subtle lilacs, your analogue reality is guaranteed to transform in otherworldly hues.

Better yet, unleash the painter in you by mixing and matching LomoChrome Purple with the color gels. With the Purple film, concoct a bright red with the yellow and magenta gelsr; if you want to strengthen the purple hues, go for the cyan and magenta gels mix; or if you want to throw in another poppy color, put together the cyan and yellow gels for a lovely shade of green.

The best thing about the Simple Use Film Camera? You can actually re-load it with any 35mm film. Just head over to our microsite for the tutorial!

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