Lomo Amigo Sharing: The Lomography Fisheye No. 2 and Singapore-Based Blogger Shubhada Bhide

It cannot be denied that documentation is one of photography's primary reasons. Join Singapore-based blogger Shubhada Bhide as she captures seemingly mundane yet meaningful moments of her family with the Lomography Fisheye No. 2.

© Shubhada Bhide / Rainbow Diaries Blog

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography community and the readers of the Online Magazine.

Hi dear Lomography community, it’s great to be one of you. My name is Shubhada and I am a blogger / influencer based in Singapore. I am a full time working mom of 2 beautiful kids and wife of a very supportive hubby.

Thanks to my blog www.RainbowDiaries.com, I got in touch with Lomography and was able to explore this awesome world of Lomography.

How did you get started with blogging?

The journey of RainbowDiaries started off with a simple account on Orkut, Friendster then Facebook leading to creating groups and a page with quite the following.

Starting a blog called RainbowDiaries is a natural progression of all my social media adventures – created to explore the whole new and enchanting world of social media.

© Shubhada Bhide / Rainbow Diaries Blog

Was this your first time exploring analogue photography? How was the experience?

I have some fond childhood memories of analog photography when my dad used to capture moments of our vacation. I remember trying out a bit of our analog camera that time as a child.

But yes, I will consider using Lomography FishEye 2 as the first full-fledged analog experience. I loved using analog! It just takes me back to that vintage world and the photos look so natural and beautiful.

Any interesting things you encountered or challenges during the Lomography Fisheye camera shoot?

The only challenge I faced was loading the roll properly. I goofed up a bit while using first roll but slowly things became much better. In fact, the instructions booklet that comes with Lomography Fisheye is very detailed and I should have read it in the first place before trying out.

Please choose your favorite photo(s) from the Lomography Fisheye camera shoot and tell us about the images, and why they’re your favorites.

Here are some of my favorite photos captured using Lomography Fisheye 2:

© Shubhada Bhide / Rainbow Diaries Blog

What do you like most about the Lomography Fisheye camera?

I loved the camera completely! First of all, it’s very light and easy to carry while attending events or travelling. The functions are simple to understand even for a newbie to analog photography like me.

The photos that this camera creates look very unique and classy. The subject comes alive I would say out of these photos. Also, the fun of waiting to see the end-results that analog gives is great compared to instant photos.

© Shubhada Bhide / Rainbow Diaries Blog
© Shubhada Bhide / Rainbow Diaries Blog

Any tips for first time shooters?

Just go for it! As long as you are in love with your camera and the surroundings you are capturing, the photos will come good. Slowly, you will get some more experience and ideas about angles, lighting and so on. It’s continuous learning when it comes to photography.

Read the instruction manual carefully and keep one or two spare rolls for trial and error.

Do you have ongoing or upcoming projects that you would like to tell the community about?

Through my blog RainbowDiaries, I keep on supporting different community initiatives and love to share about latest happenings about parenting and lifestyle events in Singapore.

Recently, I was involved in spreading word about “Joyful Beginnings” which is a health communication campaign about Post-Natal Depression.

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