Poetry in Motion – Conceptual Film Photography by Misha Gordin


Being good at art is one thing, becoming a master of a craft is a different thing altogether. You must find patience as you improve your process. You must nurture talent and hone your skill before you create a piece that can be truly regarded as a work of art. One example of this is conceptual photographer Misha Gordin. His elaborate works speak for themselves.

©Misha Gordin

Dark, moody, sometimes ominous, Gordin’s photographs explore human ideas, emotions, and principles. They are deeply rooted in Gordin’s own personal experiences and visions. They are both beautiful and terrifying at some point. Gordin’s images are striking – each frame plays on different strings of emotions and ideas that challenge the viewers’ understanding. Although one thing is for certain, Misha Gordin’s world of surreal images is unforgettable. And so are his talent and masterful execution.

©Misha Gordin

You can see more of Misha Gordin’s work on his website.

written by cheeo on 2017-06-21 #culture #people #black-and-white #darkroom #traditional #conceptual-photography #misha-gordin

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