Caelus, Terra et Oceanus: Representing the Spirits Through Nature

We've been given the honor to enjoy the gifts and wonders of the Roman earth goddess Terra, ocean god Oceanus and the sky god Caelus to humanity. Have you caught some lingering nymphs or sprites near flowing rivers or oak trees? What about the spirits of Romulus and Remus under the full moon?

We believe that these Lomographs from the community are more than just picturesque coincidences. There's an unknown force and presence behind these photos.

Scenic Elysium

Credits: lynnmariehall, fotobes, xjimmyleungx, wolfinthewoods, llcooldawe & jennson

Enticing cosmos

Credits: blueskycloud7, tracyvmoore, rvdyvo1985, amydances & vicuna

Where the water gods reside

Credits: cookievv, zoe191 & bkspicture

Beckoning woodlands

Credits: wolkers, activitesparanormales, kasius, libellule & yago56

2017-04-08 #tutorials #nature #earth #travel-photography #nature-photography #creative-gallery

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