It's Fine Outside - Film Photography by Francesca Beltran

Get up. Go out. Get away from it all. This exactly what artist and photographer Francesca Beltran did to capture these mesmerizing photographs. Seeing is a different experience from feeling. Browsing through travel photographs is not quite the same with feeling the wind blowing through your hair, rays of sun in your eyes and the dirt beneath your feet.

© Francesca Beltran

Francesca is deeply interested in exploring the ideas of loneliness or solitude in an over-connected world. It is true that everything seems to be so close to us without even having to move a single step towards its direction. Readily available? Yes but fully in reach? Not quite. Francesca’s travel photography is the product of curiosity. It is rooted in experience that makes viewers feel a certain longing to going out there to experience it themselves. Reality is out there, not in our screens.

© Francesca Beltran

Francesca Beltran is a Mexican visual artist, photographer and producer based in New York. You can see more of her work on her website and Instagram.

written by cheeo on 2017-04-12 #culture #people #travel #outdoor #artist #feature #francesca-beltran

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