For Frugal Shooters: Unique DIY Lens Filters


For art photographers, creativity is non-linear. It is, rather, a flow of multiple ideas and inspiration. To practice their creativity, many photographers invest on high-end, artistic equipment, depending on their needs -- sometimes on flashes, beauty dishes, unusual film stocks and camera formats, and mostly on art lenses.

However, art lenses are a huge investment, and it's not for the user who cannot commit to his artistry. No worries though. You can hack those blurs, bokehs and leaks with some unusual items found in your home and make your own lens filters that mimic art lenses. From highlighters, balms to carboard cut outs, here are some tips on making your own lens filters out of the unlikeliest of objects, thanks to Film Riot.

Preview image was taken from the video.

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-04-04 #tutorials #videos #diy #tipster #tipsters #diy-filters #diy-lens-filters

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