Thailand Inspired Everything: LomoAmigos Hello America

Lomography NYC caught up with one of our favorite pairs of photographers, Kristen and Matt of the interdisciplinary visual storytelling platform Hello America to ask them about some absolutely stunning photographs shot on their recent adventure to Thailand. Talk about inspiring some wanderlust!

How did shooting with an instant camera differ from shooting regular analog?

There is a magical element to shooting with the instant camera. To see yourself and your surroundings appear in film in front of your eyes connects you to your experience that is unique in form. The camera itself is light and easy to travel with. The images are a scrapbook of your trip - one that you can physically give to people you meet while traveling as a reminder of your time together. Years later they're able to stumble upon the photo and transport back to that place and time.

What do you prefer for traveling, instant or 35mm?

You can do more with a 35mm camera while traveling but the gems of instant are too good to pass up. I keep them both in my backpack.

Any tips and tricks you picked up while shooting with the camera?

My rule of thumb is to play with any camera I get beforehand. I usually take it out and just shoot for fun. By using all the functions and getting a feel for what you're producing you're better able to be quick and efficient with your images while traveling because you've already worked out all the bugs.

How was this trip different than your American road trips?

We traveled southeast Asia by plane, train, tuk-tuk, scooter, local bus... you name the mode of transportation and we used it. In the states, we very simply stick to our vehicle but Asia was far more dense and cultured and we wanted to experience travel the way locals do. We packed only what we could carry on our backs. We ate only local foods cooked up by local people. We decided to take the time to submerge ourselves in local culture. That's probably the biggest difference in what it looks like to travel the US vs. Asia.

Did Thailand inspire any artistic projects?

Thailand inspired everything. We want to continue to travel everywhere and anywhere. We want to bathe in it all, all over the world, together, forever.

You can keep up with Hello America's many projects on their website and Instagram.

written by katphip on 2017-05-17 #people #places #travel-thailand-instant-photography-adventure-photography

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