LomoAmigo Burçin Esin and His Karavan Sessions


We talked with Burçin Esin, who shared with us the photos he took with Lomo LC-A + last year, about Karavan Sessions where he combines music and videos.

Hi Burçin, last year we talked with you about your photos taken with the Lomo LC-A+. How are you nowadays?

Hi, I am very content these days and living the happiness and intensity of doing satisfactory things.

After we last spoke, you hit the road with Karavan Sessions. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Karavan Sessions is a music - video project that came to life in April 2016. It brings together music, travel, nature, eating and drinking and is a project that is open to all ideas. It supplies the necessary electricity from the Sun through solar panels and other devices. So, we record each artist at a place they choose in accordance with the music, food or other forms of expression and share their talents there.

You are again on the road recording, how are the new sessions with the artists are going?

Now that the weather is better, we have started our sessions once again. We had sessions with Songs From a Breeze and Kam Ata. It was very enjoyable to work with both groups, very nice people, I am very happy to share such a thing with them. It looks like the shoots are going to go faster and faster.

During the summer months you had sessions with our former LomoAmigos Nilipek and Lara Di Lara in Bozcaada, are there any plans for such locations in the upcoming days?

Nilipek and Lara Di Lara both took us to very different locations than Bozcaada and I hope we were able to convey that in our videos (: Of course we have more plans, it is always inspiring to visit such natural and beautiful places. I'm constantly on the lookout for new locations.

You also had the Lomo’Instant Wide with you in these sessions. Can you tell about about your experience with the Lomo’Intant Wide?

Lomo Instant Wide actually has a lot of features I want in an instant camera, but was never able to find. So I was very excited to test it out. I can honestly say it was everything you'd ever need (: Exposure compensation, multi exposures, Bulb mode, flash on or off, remote control. I tested them all. These features make it possible to combine many techniques. This makes it very free.

You shot some very beautiful portraits recently. How was the effect of the Lomo’Instant Wide on portraiture?

First of all, what makes the most convenience and excitement is that it can be in focus from a distance of 50cm and it is possible to get a very short and deep depth of field. I think this is your most important feature for portraits. I also avoid the uncomfortable high light in close portraits thanks to the flash-less shooting mode. It also has a very impressive size and design.

Any suggestions to new users of the Lomo’Instant Wide?

They can get beautiful photos with every click of the shutter. With the Auto Mode, you never get disappointing results. Once you get used to the camera, you can use the different features to do light painting or test out the techniques you have in your mind. I get excited about these features every time I take the camera in my hand.

You can follow Karavan Sessions on Facebook and Instagram and reach the videos through their Youtube channel.

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