Lomogon Art Lens: First Impressions by Jeff Tinard


Jeff Tinard started photography around ten years ago. Why? He saw in it a way of meeting people. His black and white world leads us to encounter new faces and figures which the photographer has frozen in time. We lent him the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens to try out.

Hello Jeff! Can you introduce yourself to the Community ?

Hello, my name is Jeff, I was born 33 years ago in Nice on the Côte d'Azur. I've lived in Paris for 7 years, I work in audiovisual production and I have been a photographer for about ten years.

Can you tell us about your relationship to photography? What was your first camera?

I started shooting because I saw it as an excuse to approach people and start a conversation with them, whether it was in the streets, in bars, during parties or anywhere else. Talking to strangers to take photos brings me a feeling of inebriation and freedom, it's a great outlet I think...

Anyway, my first camera is part of the ones I still use today, it's a Nikon FM2, a really cool model, entirely mechanical and indestructible because it withstands absolutely everything!

How would you describe your style?

I don't really know… I think I don't want to limit myself to having a style. Every shot is a part of my life, a new encounter, a new story, sometimes it is a love story or sometimes a sex story. But every time, it is the result of a connection.

What I like is freezing insignificant, trivial situations in time, while distancing myself from the hypersexualized pornography of our ages, in order to only keep situations that surround us on a daily basis, but which we don't really pay attention to.

Let's talk about the Lomogon! What were your first impressions discovering the lens?

It looks good! It's an atypical lens which has an impact since it shines, it's not very common for a lens. Besides, people would often stop me in the streets to ask information about it.

And while using it?

I found it very enjoyable, I was never lost compared to what I usually use. You get used to it quite fast, focusing is easy and choosing the right aperture is effortless thanks to its very accessible aperture ring.

What can the Lomogon or the Art Lenses bring to photographers?

They allow photographers to voluntarily reproduce what usually comes out as a mistake, like controlling blur by creating a beautiful bokeh for example.
Generally speaking, it allows you to give another energy to your photos and to give the opportunity to travel a little bit more to those who look at them.

If this series was a song, it would be...

"Ladyfingers" by Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass.

For more of Jeff's works, visit his website and Instagram.

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Lomogon Art Lens

Lomogon Art Lens

Designed to electrify escapades great and small, the Lomogon combines the legendary aesthetics of the Lomo LC-A+ with higher-than-ever optical quality, beautiful bokeh and a unique, super-speedy aperture mechanism.

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