A Visual Study of Ambient Portraits


One of the best assets of film photography is that no two sets of photographs are the same. They're always varying in colors and light -- some are too pink, some bright yellow, tungsten, washed out, overly bright.. and that's the beauty of analogue photography.

Here we found some five creative ambiances in portraiture done in the Lomographic fashion.

Hard-burn retro

Credits: bccbarbosa, qrro, albeelee, dudizm & warning

The neon-lit

Credits: simonas, falsedigital, tobyharvard & shanti929

Soft monochrome

Credits: putyourphazzersonstun, tall_bastard, modern_nmt, waggrad00 & joenes

Neutral halo

Credits: tall_bastard, babak_homayouni & emilymoya

Old school pastel

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

2017-04-02 #tutorials #atmospheric #moods #aesthetics #creative-photography #ambient-portraits

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