Lomography X-Pro Peacock 200 (110) for the Brighter Days

The flowers, birds, bees and trees are once again alive in the warmth of spring. A kind of warmth that is not intense, but calm enough for the living to bask under.

The Lomography X-Pro Peacock 200 (110) is a unique cross-processing film. Its palette is very different from the regular X-Pro films, as this would turn fiery shades into citrus-like colors and cool blues. Rather subduing the palette, the Peacock freshens it up with balance. This slide film is best used if you'd want your photographs to have certain moods and atmospheres.

Just take a look into this gallery of Peacock-taken shots by Lomography's community members.

In love with the city

Credits: sweetyyydreams, sandravo, bnjmn & draakje

Flowers of spring

Credits: bnjmn & littlekoala

Sunlit faces

Credits: zonderbar, ccwu, bebopbebop, primula & jess_spd

Atmospheric scenery

Credits: bnjmn, kleinerkaries, pearlgirl77 & blikka

2017-03-31 #gear #tutorials #spring #peacock #springtime #lomography-x-pro-peacock-200-110

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