A Study of Dance: Marc Jarabe's Kaleidoscopic LomoKino Film

You've seen filmmaker Marc Jarabe following the melodies and blues with the New Petzval 58 and have heard of his passion for his music photography and filmmaking in his interview, now he's back with a new cinematic experiment, this time with a LomoKino.

In this LomoKino film, Jarabe creates a one-of-a-kind B&W moving image, framed with two more colorful footage. Slightly surrealistic and kaleidoscopic, he records street dancer Rod Smile's moves in stop-motion aesthetic.

Watch his LomoKino film here.

The awesome video featured in this article was directed and produced by Marc Jarabe. The dancer in the video is Rod Smile and the music was created by Olinclusive.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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