Browse Through Full Issues of "Soviet Photo" from 1926 to 1991


The Cold War was a war of hard-selling ideologies. It was promoted through cinema, television, radio programming, literature, and almost every medium were treated like forms of propaganda.

For photographers and amateurs in the Soviet Union, there was only one photography magazine -- Soviet Photo (Советское фото).

Covers of "Soviet Photo"

Soviet Photo was a state-run and heavily political outlet for the Communist propaganda. Magazines such as Soviet Photo were heavily guarded under the Iron Curtain. Like most publications, the photographs and articles the magazine was purposed for one thing -- to show the greatness of the Union, the government and its people.

Covers of "Soviet Photo"

The Internet Archive managed to save 437 issues of the magazine; its historical value is worth the effort. Surprisingly one would find the photographs to be following the same trends and aesthetics -- such as it is in street photography. Moreover, fluency in Russian is not required to enjoy the magazine.

Here's a sample of pages from a 1980 issue. You can find all issues here.

Images are from the public domain.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    it's very artistic

  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    so lovely, great collector's items

  3. honeygrahams224
    honeygrahams224 ·

    What an amazing undertaking! I follow a vintage soviet photo blog - I wonder if any of the pictures will look the same. I know you can't really process ORWO-chrome anymore, and it has a very unique look. Muted highlights and heavy reds/oranges.

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