Double Exposures, Nature, and Women - Film Photography by Kimberly Seabury


Inspiration can be found anywhere and Oregon-based photographer Kimberly Seabury did so with beautiful landscapes, the female form, and natural light. Seabury favors natural light on her shoots. Her images are like dream sequences that play on the emotion and inspire creativity. Everything looks and feels intimate -- from her portraits and doubles to her landscape shots.

© Kimberly Seabury

Seabury’s work is masterful as it is creative. Her technique in transforming concept into photographs is impressive to say the least. She manages to fuse the experimental and the artistic with her multiple exposures and she makes it look easy.

© Kimberly Seabury

See more of Kimberly’s work on her website.

2017-04-02 #culture #people #women #multiple-exposure #doubles #landscapes #kimberly-seabury

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  1. honeygrahams224
    honeygrahams224 ·

    Great portraits! I think the starburst clock is the most clever. I have the exact same type of clock at home.

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