Lomo'Instant Automat Glass: Low Light Indoor Portraits with PN

PN is a Hong Kong based photographer. Previously he had shared some elegant blue paint shots using the Daguerreotype Achromat. This time he brought along the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass to shoot some low light indoor portraits. Let's take a look at his photos and read his thoughts on Instant Photography.

The instant camera was invented in 1948 but today more than ever it seems to be the perfect way of instant, physical gratification in photography. How is it possible that an analogue medium is just what we seem to need right now?

We belong to a lucky generation. Thanks to fast growing technology, the ways of photography is also growing and with great diversity. Even if we are born in the digital age, I believe that there is nothing that can replace Instant Photography. When you shoot with instant cameras, not only do you get a nice photo, but the process of taking an instant photo is very enjoyable and precious. There are only 10 photos in 1 pack of instant films and therefore I want to treasure every time when I press the shutter, look forward to see the outcome and totally surprised by it.

When you started taking photographs, did you learn photography with a digital or an analog camera? What do you think makes the difference between digital and analog picture taking?

I started photography using digital cameras and after that I learnt to use film. And for now, most of the time I would use film before digital. Since film has higher cost, I would slow down during the shooting, in order to catch every perfect moments. I would also think a lot about the skills and composition of the photo, and hope to be able to capture the scene the way I wanted to.

Tell us more about the photos you shot with the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass, what were your initial ideas, how did you realize them and what challenges did you face?

There isn't a particular theme for this series. Concerning the fact that I was using an instant camera, I wish the shooting can be more chill and relax. The biggest challenge in the shooting was the lighting, as I chose to shoot indoors. I was glad that the Automat Glass has a f/4.5 aperture which allows me to take photos without using flash. If you are not confident enough to shoot in the low light, I suggest that you can use flash and a tripod. However, in my opinion, sometimes blurs can also be a kind of beauty.

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