Picture Harlem: Summer of 1970


Harlem is one of New York's iconic neighborhoods. Located at the northern section of NYC in the borough of Manhattan, the 1960's Harlem had a problem of youth and students boycotting schools. To capture the happenings in the place, French photographer Jack Garofalo was sent by Paris Match magazine to cover the events.

Garofalo stayed as it entered the new decade -- 1970's. By this time, many residents were able to escape the crumbling, and crime-ridden neighborhood for better, safer and more livable places. In the summer of July 1970, Garofalo photographed the people who stayed and the birth of what was to become a remarkable New Yorker culture.

Post-societal conflict Harlem, the neighborhood was becoming a cultural icon as music, fashion and lifestyle flourished distinctly. This culture was to imbue itself as one of the vital neighborhoods of New York City.

Images are sourced from Dangerous Minds.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    couple years ago i saw an interesting 60s- 70s photography book new orleans. regret didn't buy it

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