The Lomographer's Weekend Checklist: For Inventors & Innovators

Bored and free this weekend? Keep yourself busy with this weekend's errand list - these challenging tipsters will surely make the most out of your downtime.

Building personal cameras

No, we're not talking about mere pinhole cameras. We're talking about DIY cameras that would use lenses and rookie technical skills. You can either build your own medium format slit scan film camera, an instant camera made out of popsicle sticks or even a thermal instant camera, with most items coming from your attic or garage.

Tinkering vintage lenses

Ahh, vintage lenses. What to do with them, exactly? Well, they make perfect alternatives of brand new art lenses, you just need to put some personal touch in them. You can turn a cheap lens to a selective focus lens, or recreate a bit of Lomography Petzval's bokeh-filled aesthetics with a DIY 50m f/2 lens, even refurbish a century old lens and improve it with autofocusing.

For the independent film-maker

What to do with a massive stock of 35mm when you're bored with the format, and you're too keen to spend on the expensive 120 films? Well, here's how to make 120 films out of 35mm ones.

Moreover, hop on to the instant photography trend without spending a dime by creating your own instant film at home. Yo can even formulate a redscale film, or go even more obscure with this DIY 127 film.

Helpful photography-aiding devices from scratch

Want to improve your analogue experience beyond film and camera? Create personalized aperture plates for your Petzval lens, or make a ring flash for your point-and-shoot. If you want a more fulfilling challenge though, how about building your own smartphone scanner?

Have some other plans in mind? What's in store for you this weekend? Share it with us through a comment below!

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