New Perspectives with Family Art Collective Holycrap and the Lomo'Instant Wide


The creators of RUBBISH Famzine returns to the digital pages of the Lomography magazine this time as one of our Lomo Amigos. Testing the Lomo'Instant Wide, the family composed of mother Claire, father Pann, daughter Aira, and son Renn shows us how they innovate and have fun at the same time.

© Holycrap: Pann Lim, Claire Lim, Renn Lim, & Aira Lim

Why did you decide to introduce your kids to art at such young age?

Pann: Actually, it really all started with Renn. Right from the time he was old enough to grasp a crayon or a pencil he would doodle, all the time and on every scrap of paper he could get his tiny hands on. And of course since Claire and myself love the arts we gave him the freedom to continue and even encouraged him. Everywhere we went, we would bring with us lots of color pencils and paper. When Aira came along, she naturally took to it as well and was probably spurred on by the fact that her older brother was having so much fun. It was only when they got older, that I started to feel rather 'guilty'. I was out there teaching students, colleagues and even strangers all about design and the arts; imparting whatever knowledge I had and yet I was not doing the same for our kids. Claire and I are trained designers and we love most forms of visual culture and how it can shape our thoughts and ideals. This is something we believe in, so using art as a form of education, we felt that we could impart to the kids' life lessons; teaching them disciplines like deadlines, handwork, rejection, grit, passion, and even criticising our own work to make it better.

So one night in 2011, I rather abruptly told Claire that we should start an art group with the kids to pursue the arts and that was how Holycrap was formed. Renn had his first solo exhibition back in 2011 titled 'Renn Lim by Renn Lim', a title he coined himself after drawing a portrait of his right hand. And the next year Aira joined his brother for another art exhibition which she titled ' Blah Blah Blah'. To date the kids have had 6 art exhibitions.

© Holycrap: Pann Lim, Claire Lim, Renn Lim, & Aira Lim
© Holycrap: Pann Lim, Claire Lim, Renn Lim, & Aira Lim

Does the family have a motto or mantra? What is it?

Pann: We do not exactly have a family motto or mantra but we would like to say that while we are serious about the work we do together, we must definitely have fun doing them. There is really no point in creating something if you do not enjoy the process. And at the same time, to be serious about our work means we respect the work and more importantly, each other.

Tell us more about this shoot and its concept.

Pann: In the beginning we were trying to think of different ideas and 'concepts' as to what we should or can shoot. But to be honest it started to feel forceful for the kids think of something 'different' so I told them to relax and just shoot whatever they liked. It then became more intuitive, more real. Also we were very interested in the lenses that came together with the Lomo’Instant Wide. So we started shooting macro shots and after we took a few close up shots of our faces, we actually liked the quality of the shots (especially when the flash is on!) The four of us took turns on the camera and one shot lead to another. Then we started to 'piece' together the photos and in no time we were doing a montage of Renn and Aira. The 'look and feel' of the photos were right up our alley and the end results was really something we love.

© Holycrap: Pann Lim, Claire Lim, Renn Lim, & Aira Lim
© Holycrap: Pann Lim, Claire Lim, Renn Lim, & Aira Lim

Can you tell us a little more about your Lomo'Instant Wide experience? Any interesting things you encountered or challenges?

Pann: In the family, I am the one crazy about cameras. So even by holding on to the camera, you can tell whether it was a good make or not. And I must say the Lomo'Instant Wide gives me the feeling that it’s a premium camera, built with craft and precision. The lens cap which acts as a remote control for the camera is a fantastic idea. I was still wondering what it does when I accidentally triggered a shot and my immediate response was yelling “WTF” in front of the kids! (because I was rather upset that I had wasted a precious film!) Totally ridiculous but we all had a good laugh!

Do you have ongoing or upcoming projects that you would like to tell the community about?

Pann: The four of us have been publishing our family zine called Rubbish Famzine since 2013 when we launched our inaugural issue. And right now we are currently in a crazy mad rush getting issue No.6 ready to be launched in late April. In fact on the 20th April, I will be doing a small launch of issue 6 in London.

On the 27th April, we will be having another launch here in Singapore at the wonderful Singapore Art Book Fair which will be held at Gillman Barracks.

© Holycrap: Pann Lim, Claire Lim, Renn Lim, & Aira Lim

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