Old Romantic: Red Like "Amélie"


'"Amélie" can be classified as one of the French films that truly encompasses what it's like to be French. No, we're not talking about fashion, the picturesque places the soundly language or the beautiful people, as much as those matter as well -- it's about the romanticism, idealism that just melts into the hearts of Amélie fans -- French or not.

So, we happened to find some wonderful images that resemble the palette of Jean-Pierre Jeunet -- warm red all around!

Rose-tinted portraits

Credits: lafilledeer, honeygrahams224, g000596, argentic-translation, xsara & kylethefrench

Urban romance

Credits: xsara, kbrclpn, kritsalos & kasta72

Amorous landscape

Credits: xsara

Dreaming red

Credits: honeygrahams224, konbiw, kyncevo, calamity & gotoarizona

2017-03-12 #culture #redscale #romantic #analogue-photography #amelie #art-photography

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