Celebration of Life: Hendra Lauw and the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens


Singapore-based photographer Hendra Lauw shares his knowledge and passion through his celebrated photoblog hendralauw.com. Despite being recognized by various award-giving bodies for his skills, there are no hints of complacency in Hendra's choice of work.

The Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens found its way to Hendra and the result is a series of photographs aimed to highlight life as a cycle we all must endure and celebrate.

© Hendra Lauw
The cycle of life is about our life on earth.
From birth to death. From young to old.
© Hendra Lauw
A natural progression of vanishing beauty.
Life is fragile but yet life can be beautiful.
© Hendra Lauw
© Hendra Lauw
The space we live in always has this cycle of life going on. Sometimes we pay attention to it and think about it, sometimes we just take it as "that's life". Our turn will come one day.
© Hendra Lauw
© Hendra Lauw
Life and death happen among us, within our private spaces.
One goes away and one comes alive.
And the cycle continues.
© Hendra Lauw

Hendra wanted to showcase life as a flower: fragile, delicate and yet beautiful. The pond where the shoot happened is symbolic of our private spaces, where life -- as a cycle -- never stops. For Hendra, the delicate petals of the lotus flower emphasizes the fragility of life and how beauty lies in our vulnerabilities as human beings.

Loads of personal reflection happened during the shoot, according to Hendra. Even stating that the swirly bokeh created by the Petzval 58 adds a great bonus to this project. It swirls, it circles, just like the cycle of life.

Hendra is currently working on The Unexpected and Documenting Singapore so keep an eye out for him!

written by crissyrobles on 2017-03-11


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