The German Museum for Photo and Film Cameras


Imagine a collection of beautiful analogue cameras. Multiply the result by 10. there you go: The German Museum for Photo and Film Cameras.

“Come on, let´s go!”, I hear my girlfriend saying, but I hardly can hear her. I´m in my own little world, in trancé, I´m at the german museum for Camera and Film Technique.

Gathered by a fellow passionate collector, the museum bears thousands of analouge Cameras, for still pictures as for movies.

I´m standing in front of a wall of Leicas. My mouth is dry, there´s a swoosh in my ears. That´s the place where I want to be locked in for the night.

The Deutsches Film- und Fototechnik Museum is found slightly slantwise across the street from the Historic Town Hall in the rooms of the Deidesheimer Spital; it was opened in December 1990. In some 300 m² are displayed more than 4,000 exhibits from all epochs of camera technology. The museum receives donated objects from, among others, Agfa, Kodak and Arri, but also from television operations such as ZDF and Südwestrundfunk. (

If analouge photography was an religion, that´s how it´s temple may look. And I´m enlightend, saved from the shattering belief that analouge photogrphay could be dying. Maybe the high-priest would accept me as an apprentice.

If there´s a list of places for lomographers to visit before death, this place deserves a top spot.

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