Upcoming Workshops: Penumbra Foundation NYC

Our friends at the Penumbra Foundation in New York City are having some pretty amazing workshops in the next few weeks. We wanted to help them spread the word to our New York and tri-state Lomographers. Come spend a photo-filled afternoon at Penumbra!

MARCH 25, 2017 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Make instant 4x5 photographs -- both positives and negatives -- with New55 PN, the black and white instant 4x5 peel-apart film. This 1-day hands-on experience is designed to immerse you head-to-toe large format photography and bring you quickly up the learning curve with New55 PN and the 545 holder.

Topics covered include:
• the basics of properly exposing New55 PN;
• lighting considerations;
• a proper baseline technique for instant processing;
• how to fix New55 PN negatives for stability and longevity;
• function, maintenance and tips for using the 545 series film holders
• experience with Press, View and Rail type 4x5 cameras

Participants are given 1 box of film and emerge from the workshop confident in their ability to use of New55 PN and the 545 holders for their daily work and ready to embark on project based photography with this unique 4x5 positive-negative material.

SAMUEL WEST HISER, b. 1964, is an American photographer, co-Founder & CEO of New55 FILM.
He holds an MFA in Photography from Lesley College of Art & Design and runs the New55 FILM workshop programs worldwide. Sam lives with his family in Holliston, Massachusetts.

Feature Image © Jason Kruppa

MARCH 25, 2017 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Want to know the proper way to store your alt process prints? This workshop aims to empower photographers with sustainable and adaptable archiving practices to fit a variety of studio practices, career needs and budgets.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of how to save your physical materials: daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes, gravures, salt prints, cyanotypes, and other historical materials. You will learn how to store different types of photographs safely, and how to organize and document these materials to make them easy to find. We will also cover the basics of organizing any related digital files, issues with color reproduction on the web, and best practices for long-term storage of your digital materials.

MELITTE BUCHMAN is a tintypist, salt printer and by trade an archivist. She has worked professionally as a preservationist for over 20 years starting with an old master painting restoration studio in Soho. She spent 9 years working the New York Public Library both in the Preservation Department and as a photographer and manager helping build the NYPL Digital Collections. Melitte currently serves as the Digital Content Manger for NYU Libraries helping to preserve analog artifacts and digitize them for scholarship as part of the Digital Library Technical Services team.

MAGGIE SCHREINER is an archivist and public historian, working at the intersection of archives, social justice, and community engagement. She is currently a Project Archivist at New York University, and organizes with Interference Archives and Librarians and Archivists with Palestine. Maggie has previously developed collaborative projects to document communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the archive, worked with activisits to understand the histories of their organizations, and created public programming and exhibitions to contextualize archival materials and make them publicly accessible. Through her work, she is guided by her experience as a community organizer, as well as best practices in the public history and community archives fields. Maggie holds an MA in Archives and Public History from New York University and a BA in Central and Easter European Studies from McGill University.

written by Katherine Phipps on 2017-02-28 #news #tutorials

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