Hotel Medium Valencia

This affordable design hotel is positioned just across the road from Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences. Planning to visit? Request for the room with a balcony that faces the historic city centre for amazing night views!

Hotel has a very stylish interior, it renovated in 2009. It is sort of affordable boutique hotel.

They hired some local photographer to photograph all the around the city and then made photos of different size, framed with completely different frames and positioned on the walls with no particular order or scheme. That guy really had a Lomographic eye for the pictures.

The location of the hotel provides easy access both to the historic city centre and to the City of Arts and Sciences (ask for the room with the balcony which is facing it! incredible views at night!).

Hotel has 105 rooms, 1 bar and 1 restaurant. It is just 46 euros a night for both single or double room. Free wifi all around!

Food is not really good and be aware of siestas (no food during the day), and no food after 10 pm as well.
But I guess it is everywhere in Spain. Head to one of the shops across the road to stock yourself with bocadillas.

Address is:
Hotel Medium Valencia
General Urrutia, 48
46013 – Valencia, Spain
Phone: +34963347800
Fax: +34963347801

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