Bookmobiles: When Libraries Had Wheels

In the late 20th century, there were unique mobiles that roamed around America with noble pursuits.

The bookmobile was believed to have first appeared in Warrington, England in the 1850's. It was a horse-drawn cart that lent 12,000 books for its first year. The cart was later adopted by Americans in mid-20th century. Because remote and provincial areas have restricted collections (or lack of libraries), these bookmobiles traveled to the farthest of places to allow the people there to read all sorts of books that trended in cities.

There are still bookmobiles being operated today, courtesy of libraries, students, schools, activists, bibliophiles and other organizations -- although there are now a few of them due to the high costs, advanced technology and impracticality. Here are some of them in the past years and decades.

Grown bibliophiles

To the bookmobile!

Librarians & mobile library interiors

Young readers grow smarter

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