Fruits and Quirky People: LomoAmigo Eva Zar

Eva Zar is a New-York based fine artist and fashion photographer whose work explores the intimate and fragile moment before the staging of social media posts. When working with a subject, she often focuses on the individual expression that emerges when subjects become comfortable in front of the camera. Eva's quirky, whimsical style continues to drawn the attention of editors and brands alike, both in New York and abroad. An exhibition of her photographs was shown recently in the Lomography Gallery NYC. We're thrilled to have Eva as a LomoAmigo and excited to share these details about her work and process.

Hi, Eva! Please introduce yourself to the Lomography community; tell us about yourself and your work.

I’m a New York based fine art and fashion photographer. Most of my works include strange, quirky people, an analogue camera, a cheap set and the color pink. Sometimes you’ll also see some fruits. The most important thing about my work is making the people in front of my camera feel comfortable and giving them a safe space.

Why is photography your art medium of choice?

In my opinion, art is one way of representing. You represent the political situation you live in right now, you represent the people and spaces around you - ultimately you represent your generation. A camera is a tool that represents really fast and that mesmerizes me daily. It’s just crazy how precisely you can capture and frame a moment with photography.

When did you first establish a relationship with film photography?

I think I never established an intense relationship with digital photography - so since I started photographing film photography was always my go to. I’ve been shooting on film since my first day of shooting. If I have to photograph digital because a client asks me too, I’ll do it but I prefer film.

How was it like shooting with the Lomo Instant Wide?

The Lomo Instant Wide is my personal favorite instant camera at the moment. The photos are big, sharp and have great colors. What I loved about shooting with it is that you could instantly see if you’re satisfied with your photograph or not; sure every instant photo shows you the result immediately but the quality is so different and incomparably better than other instant cameras so far.

What was is like to have your solo exhibition "Shy But Not Shy" at Lomography Gallery?

I honestly was surprised how well it went. First, because it was my first show in New York. I had just moved here, didn’t know a lot of people, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. During the opening it was so crowded and I saw that I actually connected with a lot of people trough my work and I guess, that’s every artist’s goal. Second, it was literally pouring rain and you know, New York traffic and rain aren’t friends.

What new projects are you working on that we should keep an eye out for?

So much! This year is even more exciting! Right now I’m shooting the new campaign for a New York-based shop called Holographic Fantasy. In March Field Of Ponies, a London based brand is going to be here to shoot an editorial with me. Another editorial with some really wonderful dancers is coming up on Saperlipopette Magazine. Also keep an eye on my current new series “Eva Zar’s Girls” in collaboration with Girls Are Awesome. It’s a woman of art a month up on their magazine. After March it’s time for Europe: A residency in Arles, France; an Instagram Takeover for H&M in Vienna and a solo exhibition in Vaduz, Lichtenstein at the gallery Gustav in May.

You can keep up with Eva's many projects on her website and Instagram.

You can get your very own Lomo'Instant Wide in the Lomography Online Shop.

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