Introducing Color Negative F²/400 Film


Lomography is all about being different — about ignoring the rules, trying something new, and going with the wackier option. But even by our standards, our journey with Color Negative F²/400 is something pretty off the wall!

In 2010, we bought the last ever Jumbo Roll of original 400 ASA film from some renowned Italian filmmakers. Then, ever the ones to experiment, we left the film to age like fine wine in oak casks in the Czech Republic. Thankfully, our crazy instincts were rewarded — seven years later, we went back to discover that this fantastic film still produces refined colors with a beautifully unique tone. It’s Color Negative unlike any other and we’re so excited to share it with you!

There’s a only a very limited amount of this film available, so make sure you don’t miss out. Snap up some Color Negative F²/400 35mm film now at the Lomography Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Cool!! Just ordered some :)

  2. driftusmaximus
    driftusmaximus ·

    Looks beautiful! Any plans of 120 or is there not enough?

  3. wesco
    wesco ·

    Interesting to see something new from Lomography! This film comes apparently from the Ferrania factory in Italy which is currently being restarted. Decent price for a 'specialty' film, and also available in a 5 pack. It's a pity however that I already have so much (mostly expired) film waiting to be used, so I decided shooting more film instead of buying more....

  4. charlie_cat
    charlie_cat ·

    @driftusmaximus Unfortunately no plan of a 120 for now ;)

  5. hannah_brown
    hannah_brown ·

    lovely looking film! :)

  6. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    It's a pity I'm not able to access the online shop to order some because now I'm in Brazil. :(

  7. stelee
    stelee ·

    It is a pity that the shipping fee is a little high if I only buy the film for shipping to Canada. Somehow, when will you have the plan to open a store in Montreal?

  8. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    how much the price & what the difference with lomo cn 400?

  9. charlie_cat
    charlie_cat ·

    @hervinsyah the film is available either in batch of 5 (26.55$) or in batch of 10 (50.15$). You might check in your currency at this link:

    It's quite different from the Lomography CN 400 and it turned out quite unique as it produces intense colors with a slight X-Pro effect and Tungsten overtones :)

  10. charlie_cat
    charlie_cat ·

    @crismiranda oh that's quite sad indeed.. Probably this is a nice excuse to plan some more travels and perhaps pass by some cities where we have a store! :D

    @stelee you live in a lovely city! As far as i'm aware, we don't have plans of opening a store in Montreal ;)

  11. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    oh I see so it's about $ 6 each quite affordable for x-pro-ish & tungsten-ish tone but can't imagine the shipping cost until the film come to my town T_T btw thanks for the info @charlottepelleray ^_^

  12. stelee
    stelee ·

    @charlottepelleray last time with simple 80 CAD purchasing, I was even charged the customs tax for about 20 CAD. Really hope even you don't have plan to open a store in Montreal, but to open a distribution center in Canada. We are nice neighbours

  13. tommy-gnosis
    tommy-gnosis ·

    The site wont let me it all gone?

  14. clarinetmonster
    clarinetmonster ·

    The site won't let me purchase it despite it still saying it's available. Is it all gone? I've gotten no responses on twitter even though they're still advertising it online.

  15. charlie_cat
    charlie_cat ·

    @tommy-gnosis @clarinetmonster Thanks for your feedback, we're currently checking what went wrong, it should be fixed soon!

  16. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    any samples of this film pushed? thx

  17. diverd
    diverd ·

    I love this film and am sorry it is all gone!

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