Straight or Xpro, Always a Winner!

When I first started reading about slide films I came across many accounts in textbooks of how crucial it is to expose slide film properly and how difficult it is to get good results with slide film. Let us see how Lomography proves them wrong with Sensia 100 film from Fuji!

Even though I love X-pro, I also love the vibrant colours of slide film in E-6. I once read that you feel like a hero the first time you get a slide film back and it’s true! Hold it up to the sunlight and awe at the colour and definition! Almost like being there! I love it even more when I have enough of a particular film to try out both straight and X-pro.

This was the case for Fuji’s Sensia 100 for a long time, but due to the medium speed, I was not very keen on using it, preferring faster slide films. How wrong I was! I was forced to use Sensia 100 in suboptimal conditions because it was all I had and with the help of the Lomo LC-A it performed admirably, delivering fantastic indoors and outdoors xproe’d shots, without the strong magenta cast found sometimes!
Emboldened, I also used it straight and was amazed at its colours that really rival those of professional slide films. All in all with Sensia 100 you never go wrong!

I really recommend this film, particularly for straight E-6 processing in the summer. Get amazed at its colours!

written by cyan-shine on 2010-07-21 #gear #slide #review #sensia #e6 #fuji #135 #xpro #cross-process

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