Tura Color HR200 - Another deadstock film


With films being discontinued all the time, it is important to keep alive the memory of those that have gone (from production) so we will know how to liberate them if opportunity arises. For all film has only one true destiny: To be lovingly exposed and developed!

Tura AG was one of the German film companies, established 1901 in Wernigerode/Harz and moved 1948 to Düren. They specialized in analog photographic products and cooperated a lot with AGFA. Unfortunately, they went bankrupt in 2005, so any of their films still around are relics of a time past.

I was lucky to get 3 rolls of their colour negative film Tura Color HR200 in a bundle of expired film I bought online. There were even development vouchers included, but I am not sure they would be still honoured. After researching it online, I realised it was now-rare deadstock film. When I got the prints from the first roll back I amazed at the creamy colours and pleasant saturation.

The overall contrast and sharpness at this stage of expiry attained on this film with my LC-A was really dreamy and much to my liking, so that I have kept the other two rolls for special projects. If you find this film anywhere don’t think, just grab it and shoot!

written by cyan-shine on 2010-10-20 #gear #deadstock #negative #review #colour #135

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    Interesting, thanks for review!

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