"She Shoots Film": a New Zine on Analogue Women Photographers


Independent publishing is becoming the future of magazines -- both online and in print. In the case of photography magazines, most of the printed and mainstream ones are no longer catering to the interests of a social media-driven time. Smaller publishers, however, take advantage of today's internet culture for niche magazine to specific demographics.

The new zine She Shoots Film, in reaction to a patriarchy-driven society, will spotlight the most underrepresented gender.

She Shoots Film will release their first issue, "Self Portrait", featuring 29 female photographers and their works and interviews.The zine describes itself on its first issue as -'an exploration of film and analogue processes based female self-portraiture and artist words on the printed page". The zine was backed up through IndieGoGo with 123% earning. The physical copies will hit the post by March or April.

The zine is currently available for pre-order. for $30 a copy.

Sample product shots are from the zine's website.

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  1. celesteoch
    celesteoch ·

    My photo on the cover <3

  2. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    @celesteoch awesome! i like it :)

  3. cielsan
    cielsan ·

    @celesteoch Oh wow, lovely cover! :D

  4. amelia37blue
    amelia37blue ·


  5. gabriel-palacios
    gabriel-palacios ·

    Excellent idea! :)

  6. celesteoch
    celesteoch ·

    @shhquiet thanks! :)

  7. celesteoch
    celesteoch ·

    @cielsan thank you!!

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