Stories Told: Photography by Ryan Muirhead


It’s not difficult to see why Utah native and photographer Ryan Muirhead has a dedicated following of fans all over the world. His series can speak for themselves. Ryan’s body of work can’t be classified in just one area and that’s a good thing. A label can’t limit his work and his photographic style.

© Ryan Muirhead

Although his works are definitely good, there is a certain quality in Ryan’s work that puts them in a different light. It’s the way he captures a certain moment and adds a bit of calmness and intensity all at the same time. It’s like Ryan’s own self and his awareness of that specific moment are fused with the photograph and the subject.

© Ryan Muirhead

For those of you who have only recently known Ryan Muirhead’s work and wish to learn more about him, his story, and how he sees photography and art; watch this short video by videographer James John. Indeed, the moment is the thing and not just the photograph all on its own. Well said, Ryan. Well said.

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You may see more of Ryan's work on his website.

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  1. twenty-haitch
    twenty-haitch ·

    My favourite contemporary photographer by a long way.

  2. gabriel-palacios
    gabriel-palacios ·

    I love his work.

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