Love in Lomo: "How We Met" Stories by Community Couples


Isn't it amazing when you got lucky to have your ideal Lomographer partner? Such is possible! In celebration for Valentine's Day, we got lucky enough to round up two Lomographer couples for a small chat with us on how they met.

We interviewed Maria (@masha_njam) and Andreas (@andreasehrenreich) as they share their own stories about their better halves.

Maria & Andre: The LomoWalk That Started It All

Lomographers Maria and Andre (@masha_njam and @sushi_9009) met through a classic Lomo activity -- a LomoWalk. By roaming around the streets of Berlin, the two got to know each other and found compatibility.

Learn how Maria and Andre met, through Maria's own words:

Credits: sushi_9009

It was summer of 2011 and i was travelling a lot because of my job. It was interesting work but at evenings and weekend not really much to do in a city where you know nobody. I was alone in Berlin because of the business trip. I decided to write to Berliners that I had in my Lomographer friends and asked for a walk. And Andre was the one who answered "Yes".

Credits: masha_njam

Lomography is a great community for such situations -- you can find people that are on the same wave as you and go for a LomoWalk to know more the city. It was always interesting because people were showing you their city from the photographic point of view -- so you can meet interesting people and make good non-touristic shots.

Anyway, Andre and I met in Friedrichshain. I got lost a bit and was there I for almost half an hour. It was very interesting walk through the underground Berlin: we went to the flea market, the abandoned Spreewaldpark, the abandoned train depo, saw some street musicians and visited strange bars in Friedrichshain.

Credits: masha_njam

We were walking all day long and laughing a lot. I was very impressed with him and how our trip went so smoothly. So here we are!

Credits: sushi_9009 & masha_njam

Andreas & Andrea: Analogue & Letters

Another inspiring couple is Andreas and Andrea (who both go by @andreasehrenreich and @ehrenreichandrea), whom have formed a relationship through good 'ol mail.

In Andreas' words, he writes to us how he met Andrea:

I thank the year 1966. A nice girl was born during this year, behind the "iron curtain“ in Bratislava. Our paths were yet to cross, Before meeting her, I liked to party a lot like a merry bachelor in Vienna while my wife was yet to achieve her degree.

In 1996, I decided to search for the woman for life. I was 36 years of age; life should become “earnest“ now (my zodiac sign is Virgo) and all should be planned with "military precision“.

I think young people are very lucky right now, especially in the digital age. They have Facebook and other useful things at hand. Back then, we had to advertise for somebody in newspapers. That was what I did, with one of the big Austrian daily papers, which is how we both met. By this time my future wife was already an architect in Vienna. We couldn't meet that much since she was always busy, but we began a correspondence in August 1996. I mean.. who could resist, right?

Our correspondence was fruitful and am very grateful for how lucky we've been; by September 1997, we got married.

While remembering all of this, I realize that nearly 20 years have already passed by and one of the things which made our life interesting together always was photography and our passion for analogue. We did uncountable projects together during this past 20 years and we will continue to do so future.

Do you have a wonderful Lomographic love story for us between you and your significant other? Share it with us through a comment below!

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