Which Lomo 35mm Camera Should You Bring on a Date?


Valentine's Day is simultaneously the best and worst holiday to ever occur in an annual basis. Some just have that certain luck on romance, getting to spend every 14th of February being showered by gifts and kisses, whilst there are the others whom are waiting for the goddess Venus to smile upon them, or hoping for Cupid's arrow to strike them in high hopes to meet the "perfect" match.

Whether you're spending today outside or alone, try taking this quiz and find out which of Lomography's 35mm cameras is your best partner for documenting those romantic (or friendly) keepsakes.

Begin the quiz!

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1. Ideally, which set of qualities do you look for in a romantic partner?

a. Confident with a good sense of humor, honest and outspoken, unafraid of judgment

b. Romantic and passionate, open to new experiences, ideas and experiments, a true dreamer

c. Adventurous and outgoing, loves exploration and nature, leads a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally

d. Creative, expressive and clever, approachable and reliable especially when you need them most

e. Artistic and optimistic, loves surprises, eccentric in a way they catch you off guard with their quirkiness

f. Intelligent, ambitious but humble and ingenuous, open to criticism and improvement, goal-oriented

g. Enthusiastic, playful, a doer and risk-taker of untested ideas yet empathetic, supportive and good at motivating people

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2. Which outdoor atmosphere suggests the most 'romantic' to you?

a. Bright yellow overcast (but not too sunny), with grazes of wind

b. Dawn and dusk, where pinks and violets meet in the sky

c. The golden hours. It's a classic for a reason

d. A late, warm night -- after hours. You find beauty in the dark

e. The weird combination of a sunny day and some drizzles

f. A clear, cloudless day with a neutral overcast

g. Sunny noontime with some fluffy clouds

3. Which among these aesthetics are closer to your photography style?

a. Unique angles and compositions with a little bit deformation, they give off a more 'eccentric' feel

b. Vintage with a lot of vignettes, in such a way the photographs look 'daydream-like'

c. Vintage but more cinematic, encompasses all the details for the 'bigger picture'

d. Lo-fi style -- high brightness and contrasts, light leaks and painting for 24/7 photography

e. Striking color saturation, eclectic in terms of form and style, bright flashes

f. Sharp, clean, colorful. Yep, that's about it, you like it simple

g. Multiple colors, storyboard-like, akin to Warholian photography

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4. What's your favorite way of 'curating' your photographs?

a. Through social media. The internet is full of monotonous photography that you just want to break the routine!

b. In a photographer's journal. No text apart from a handwritten print of the place and date

c. Pinning them on a corkboard to remind you of the wonderful scenes you've seen

d. None. You like to keep them just the way they are, stored in a box or drawer among your other film photos

e. Clipping them on a clothesline in a special corner in your room. Your photography deserves a 'special' place!

f. In a sleek, black portfolio. You keep only your best ones just in case a photography-career opportunity knocks

g. Framing them on to the wall. They make good pieces as home decorations after all!

5. A sit-down dinner is the usual ceremony for a first date. If you could be unusually bold, which among these activities and places would you bring your first date?

a. Swimming or relaxing in a pool or beach, traveling to the coast sides

b. Visiting thrift shops, vintage and antique stores, hunting for old but stylish items

c. Backpacking to strange places of nature, an hours-long road trip

d. Museum and gallery-hopping for the latest art & photography exhibition

e. An afternoon picnic at the park,where you both can play around and admire nature

f. Participating in a skills-based workshop, this way you get to learn more about the person

g. Dancing at a ballroom party, or bringing your date to a social set-up with your friends

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6. You and your first date are currently sharing uncomfortable silence. Which among these would most likely be your initial ice breaker?

a. Crack a joke to get rid of the awkwardness

b. Introduce your favorite kitsch shop or almost-unknown hang out in the city

c. Be daring and share your philosophy in life as well as your long-term goals in general

d. Share a trivia about a random, weird yet cool thing or idea

e. Narrate a funny anecdote based on your experience

f. Break the wall, and call out on the awkward silence

g. Directly ask them about their personal life

7. If the ice-breaker fails, what will be your Plan B to save yourself from the awkward silence?

a. Examine your date's subtle behavior. Resort to light teasing. That will surely get him/her talking!

b. Talk about each other's hobbies and interests, share your future plans with your passion project

c. Pitch a cool place at a provincial area, offer an invite to your next travel

d. You challenge them through a small game, like counting red cars passing by

e. You take them by surprise by suddenly taking a photograph of them. It's 'surprise' followed by genuine laughter!

f. Share some of your personal life (work, family, past relationships, etc) and ask his/hers, no time for beating around the bushes!

g. Ask the date what he/she wants to do or what he/she's thinking about and pick up the conversation from there

You've reached the end of our quiz! To find your results, scroll down below to find out which Lomo 35mm camera you should bring!


If your answers are mostly A, you should bring the Fisheye. Only the confident can dare bring the Fisheye camera to a date and pull it off. It's the camera most people bring at the beaches -- the only excuse most people have to play around this quirky camera. For sure, your date would only see just how fun you really are by extending your 'fun-ness' with the Fisheye. More info about the Fisheye at the shop.

Credits: heyfrida, warning & bug

If your answers are mostly B, you should bring the Diana Mini. Ahh, Diana Mini. As the compact version of the Diana F+, the Diana F+ is perfect people who would like to document their photographs in an antique fashion. The vignettes are a big deal to romanticize each moment. Imagine this: several years from now, you will look back into these photographs. You'd be thanking yourself that you brought Diana with you. And yes, this is one of the most romantic 35mm cameras to hold. More info about the Diana Mini at the shop.

Credits: ariannapaloma, raintanumadia & mattdoyle

If your answers are mostly C, you should bring the Sprocket Rocket. People who love nature and the great outdoors have a special place for the Sprocket Rocket at heart. They believe that capturing the beauty of nature should be cinematic and wide. The sprocket holes add the romantic-but-not-too-cheesy flair to the image. With this camera, your date photographs will naturally translate as scenes from the movies. More info about the Sprocket Rocket at the shop.

Credits: fahlavy & kaelcat

If your answers are mostly D, you should bring the Lomo LC-A+. Date-goers who like to go around wherever and whenever will find the perfect companionship with the Lomo LC-A+. The camera is versatile enough to capture any moment and place. It's the smart and fuss-free choice for people flexible with time. More info about the Lomo LC-A+ at the shop.

Credits: ferro_ud, hanzilla & syafeeq

If your answers are mostly E, you should bring the La Sardina. La Sardina is one of Lomography's more flexible cameras. Going out on a date with the La Sardina highlights the best in you as a person who loves to experiment, test out the waters without coming too strong or weird. La Sardina will instantly make your quirkiness a charming and cute feat. You'll surely remember every romantic endeavor you had full of hope and optimism with its colorful qualities. More info about the La Sardina at the shop.

Credits: kitkit, arifrodriguez & teese

If your answers are mostly F, you should bring the Konstruktor. People who love the Konstruktor's underestimated abilities are often the ones who take their photography seriously while simultaneously being smart about it. For appreciating Konstruktor's understated beauty, most likely Konstruktor lovers want see things in their lives with more honesty. To the transparent, humble and intelligent date-goer, this is your wingman for those moments. He'll tell you if your date's the right partner or not. More info about the Konstruktor at the shop.

Credits: madalomo & ester_s_ch

If your answers are mostly G, you should bring the Actionsampler. Date-goers who genuinely value their companions will find a unique partnership with this playful camera. Apart from being a fun and artistic medium, the Actionsampler's way of documenting every minute detail of a moment into four frames suggest one's keenness and full-attention to his/her companion. What a way to impress the other half, isn't it? Like this camera, you are a true keeper! More info about the Actionsampler at the shop.

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What are the results you got? Share us through a comment below!

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    1 c - 2 d - 3 f - 4 g - 5 e - 6 e - 7 b

  2. srcardoso
    srcardoso ·

    1a - 2g - 3f - 4g - 5e - 6g - 7b

  3. fbeudaert
    fbeudaert ·

    Nah, a Konstruktor : "Let's build our future together" ^^

  4. charlie_cat
    charlie_cat ·

    @sirio174 ah that's quite diverse answers you have here :D

  5. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert ·

    1 a
    2 d
    3 e
    4 d
    5 e
    6 g
    7 e

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