The World Through the Lens of the Lomo LC-Wide

The 35mm is everyone's comfort zone. It's cheaper than the 120 or large format and easier to develop, so to say. However, it can get boring after you've tried out all the available cards -- experimenting with redscale films, black and white, slides and color negatives.

The Lomo LC-Wide provides a whole new dimension to the Lomographic lifestyle. Compatible with three different photo formats such as full, square or half-format while retaining the classic LC-A features like multiple exposures, auto-exposure settings, vignetting, vivid color saturation, contrast and more, the LC-Wide unlocks all lo-fi analogue possibilities. Its special lens, the 17mm Minigon 1 Ultra Wide Angle pushes the limits of 35mm photography -- it is the all-seeing eye, capable to determine all vanishing points, horizons and the littlest of details often missed out.

Here are world-expanding photographs from the Lomographic community.

Skies and seas yonder

Credits: vicuna, dannyedwards, sandravo, blueskyandhardrock & nudels

Street omniscience

Credits: porkchopsandy, jbeischer, opon21, frenchyfyl & andrescristopher

The bigger picture

Credits: ridzuanrahman, koduckgirl, tracyvmoore, shanti929, cutebun & deprofundis

Go the distance

Credits: lighthouseblues, frauspatzi, litleandi, maelae, porkchopsandy & elvismartinezsmith

2017-02-11 #gear #analogue-photography #lo-fi #film-photography #lomo-lc-wide #creative-photography

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Lomo LC-Wide

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