The 5 Lomographic Languages of Love


How do you translate your feelings of love into visual display? All of us have our own love languages.One's love language is defined on how he receives, gives and shows his feelings: some of us feel the love when we're swooned with words, some prefer to show their love with grand, theatrical acts, some with emotional support, and some of us just like to ask for quality time to feel the romance.

For this Valentine's Day we tell you the five languages of love in Lomographs.

Gift giving as seen in celluloid film

Credits: melinacenicero, vikkki, abracadaver, lorelaicyd & kazarareta

Filmic scenes: stolen moments of quality time

Credits: libellule, bravebird, fayeusokoi, sebastianerras & dreadlockboy

Analogue words: sweet nothings

Credits: hannahr, mightymouse, roxyvonschlotterstein & tallgrrlrocks

Decisive moments: actions speak louder than words

Credits: gara0802, ahisma, nickt, antoniodezner & satomi

Keepsakes: physical contact and intimacy

Credits: disdis, qrro, moodification, aka_papu, vici & webelove


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  1. jamescooper
    jamescooper ·

    Fantastic! I never think that there is such a good tutorial in website. This will know you how to express your feeling to your loving ones especially to your girlfriends. There are 5 Lomographic Languages of Love that can you know through the tutorial. You must be a most loving one to your girlfriend. Thank you very much for shearing this tutorial.

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