The Photographic Interviews: Carol Golemboski's Analogue Magic

Film photographer Carol Golemboski often finds mystery in the antique. It is not difficult to see the apple of her eye; anything of age fascinates her art and style. She believes in magic -- and that magic is traditional photography. A medium for serendipity and happy accidents.

The darkroom is her creative chamber, where potions and chemicals are gathered to paint the silvery prints as physical manifestations of metaphors and anything of ambiguity. Golemboski believes that photography is a deceiver, simultaneously provoking feelings of wonder and delight.

"Why analogue?"

Golemboski answered the question by conjuring the series "That Old Black and White Magic".

Hat Trick 1, Parlor Tricks, Queen of Hearts © Carol Golemboski

Lomography Magazine gets familiar with the film photographer as we read into Golemboski’s personal aesthetics and beliefs not in words, but in photographs.

Hi, Carol. In your series "That Old Black and White Magic", the photographer and the art of photography is the theme. Give us the best portrait of the photographer from your series.

Manipulation is a huge process in photography. How does it look like?

Trompe L’Oeuf © Carol Golemboski

Personally, is analogue photography hard, or easy? How would it look like?

The Smoking Gun © Carol Golemboski

Please share us what your work process would look like if translated to an image.

Match Print © Carol Golemboski

Paint us your portrayal of your passion in photography.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend © Carol Golemboski

Imagine if film is actually dead. A post-mortem photograph, perhaps?

Disappearing Act © Carol Golemboski

Earlier we asked what would a photographer look like -- in the vaguest aspect. Now, you're a photographer. Which among your photographs from the series portrays you as a photographer?

Joker © Carol Golemboski

Visit Carol's website for more of her photography. Images are with permission from Carol Golemboski.

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