Lindbergh & Winogrand: "Women on Street"


Two renowned photographers cross their paths in street photography.

One is a master, often claimed to be an important exponent in street photography in the mid-1970's. Garry Winogrand, the "Prince of the Street" was an American photographer who knew the cuts and corners of the concrete jungle. His photography in the series "Women are Beautiful (1975)" boasts his skill and intuitive approach on what can be said a subtle gender study of women across the public space. There is no doubt with Winogrand's prowess.

On the other hand, he is juxtaposed by another master photographer, hailing from the fashion genre. The German photographer Peter Lindbergh knew how to photograph women -- it was an innate skill that immediately made him a master. He portrayed women to be untypical, assertive and confident, some traits that just wasn't there yet in the earlier days. A known noisemaker of his own genre, he experimented once again in fashion photography, this time on the streets.

Catch the recently-opened display Peter Lindbergh / Garry Winogrand: Women on Street at the NRW-Forum in Duesseldorf and witness the dichotomy of these two masters.

© Peter Lindbergh, Paris;
© The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco & Lola Garrido Collection

The show will run through April 30.

Images are from the press kit.

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