Anna Garcia's Canary Islands Trip II: Fuerteventura

Here's the anticipated continuation of travel photographer Anna Garcia on her trip to the Canary Islands, in which this time she roams around the white sands of the hidden gem that is Fuerteventura.

The island is not a spot that attracts flocking tourists as it was in Lanzarote, but like its reputation, the place is an underrated beauty of nature, perfect for those who want the most picturesque, solemn photographs as well as the most relaxing vacation.

If you've missed the first part of her trip or need a refresher, read the first part here.

Island II © Anna Garcia

Once we arrived to Fuerteventura, we realized that this island was a world apart from Lanzarote. Although the island has also a large number of volcanoes, the landscape of this second island was totally different.

In this case, I enjoyed a lot driving through roads that were completely surrounded by white sand dunes and idyllic beaches. On this occasion, it seemed that we were traveling across a sand desert.

Island II © Anna Garcia

It is said that Lanzarote is preferred and more beautiful than Fuerteventura, but I don't agree at all. Both islands are incredibly beautiful and they are the opposite of each other.

Although our original plan was only traveling to Lanzarote, we ended up finding a cheaper option buying the return flight from Fuerteventura's airport, so we decided to explore a little bit this second Island. I thought that the experience of living and travelling in Lanzarote would be better, but it was not like that.

Island II © Anna Garcia

In Fuerteventura we discovered some unique places, less known as Lanzarote's landscapes, but according to my point of view, they are much more special. In this island I found myself enjoying the outdoors, the isolated coastline and the sandy landscapes.

A very different fact from Fuerteventura was the absence of people. In Lanzarote, we tried to avoid the crowds; hen we arrive to Fuerteventura island we realized the huge difference between the two islands. In this second island we had more time to relax, and we enjoyed the most of the few days we had left.

Island II © Anna Garcia

One day, we traveled to the south to an isolated beach: Cofete. Although this beach is known for its paradisaical landscape, we decided to go on a cloudy and foggy morning. Therefore, we were able to walk quietly along the coastline, almost alone in the entire beach, enjoying the views and spending a relaxed morning.

Island II © Anna Garcia

I've only visited two islands of this archipelago, but one thing I can say is that the Canary Islands are a world apart. Every island offers you so many different things to the others, and this is a fact that you have to know before travelling to these islands. I'm totally sure that if you are planning a holiday here, you'll have an exciting adventure at any island you choose, but there's a thing you have to know before planning this adventure... be prepared for the wind!

Barcelona-based Anna Garcia is a designer and photographer by profession, and a vagabond at heart, unifying analogue and digital photography in her young oeuvre. Visit her website for more of her works and travel photography.

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