A Nocturnal Pastel Paradise: Rafael Herman's Analogue Photography

The Israeli photographer Rafaelk Y. Herman devised his own method of nighttime photography in the absence of electronic aids and digital manipulation, relying only with his analogue background.

His latest series "The Night Illuminates the Night" boasts his works that began in 2010 and ended in 2016; a collection of large, environmental installations emerging from darkness. The landscapes are 'recreated' realities; the unnatural, pastel hues completely different from the norms of nocturnal photography breaks the ground. The concepts of light and darkness are challenged as the nighttime photographs defy the darkness that is known for. With shots from the Forest of Galilee, the Judaean mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Herman encourages everyone to 'see' beyond the visible.

The show The Night Illuminates the Night are currently up for viewing at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.

Rafael_Y_Herman_felix taeda II_2014_180X270cm_Chromogenic
Rafael_Y_Herman_mare 12_2012_180X230cm_Chromogenic; Rafael_Y_Herman_montem 12_2012_180X256.5cm_Chromogenic; Rafael_Y_Herman_tempore V_2012_180X244cm_Chromogenic
Rafael_Y_Herman_bosco lll_2011_180X270cm_Chromogenic
Rafael_Y_Herman_terrarum verticalm_2013_270X180cm_Chromogenic; Rafael_Y_Herman_perierat in viridi_2013_180X276.4cm_Chromogenic; Rafael_Y_Herman_somnum rubrum_2012_180X244cm_Chromogenic; Rafael_Y_Herman_yarden_2013_150X300cm_Chromogenic

The exhibition will run through March 26.

Images are with permission from the museum.

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